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We'll help eliminate your fear of submitting letters, reports and class work. If you can speak, you can write. For college or ESL students, working professionals or job seekers, step by step, we will help you. Join the best distance learniDynamic Writingng course on the internet. Learn about our online writing program below. Japanese students interested in  our Lakeside Program, click the link on the left.

Why this writing program?  (Click any gold bar to open.  Click again to close.)

You learn by doing. Yes, we have dynamic and engaging online videos. However, your writing will improve because of our online collaborative community.  We focus on the troublesome aspects of your writing.  Use Dave's 20 years of teaching experience to guide you. He's been academically published and has taught at colleges around the world. He will make writing concepts understandable to you.

Distance Learning

What are students saying?

"He was born to teach."-- Lin

"I am so happy to have had the opportunity to be one of your students."-- Claudia.

"You are so patient with us. You don't know how much that means. Thank you." --Irma

"I like your energy. And you are always finding new ways to teach us." -- Tan

"Your classes were so interesting. I like the way you teach." -- Wadah

How will I learn?

Step by step, you will view 13 engaging, entertaining videos to improve your writing skills. After you understand a given concept, you will do an exercise.

Other students, the teacher, writing assistants and you will then work together on your assignments in collaboration. Facebook and Twitter (just like on-site training courses) are successful because they are interactive. Our online writing course will have you engaging with others-- the key to explosive learning.

What will I learn?

Through dozens of writing tips, we will teach you the fundamentals of quality writing including:
Business Writing (report writing and how to write a letter)
Academic Writing for Higher Education (how to write an essay)
Prewriting/Outling/Idea Development (getting your first ideas on the page)
Organization/Staying on Topic/Unifying your Composition
Detail Development/Description/Using Appropriate Examples
Revising/Editing (the ability to find your own grammar and punctuation mistakes)

Video Sample

Here's a mini-clip related to your video lectures.  It's a sample of what you can expect as far as instructional content. The short segments teach you information quickly and efficiently to get you writing.


Collaboration Sample: How you'll spend most of your revising/editing time


Here's a demonstration of how to get started with online collaboration.



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