Accessing the Videos/Collaboration

The information below will help you benefit most from the writing program.

You are ready to become a better writer. The information below will help you begin. If you still haven't signed up and want access to the free content or the whole dynamic series, scroll to the end of this page or on the "Getting Started" page and sign up.

The video below shows you how to gain access to the videos and how the video display panel works. Once signed in, you can also view the video below the first title "A Tour of Using the Videos." Then click on the blue title, "Writing Online Video Use Tour."


For Those who bought the video series, the next sequence shows you how to access the Writing/Reading Exercises.

Writing Ex

1. Click on Projects. Click on Writing Online: Writing/Reading Exercises.  The exercises may be contracted or expanded. Just click on the arrow keys to expand or contract.

Write ex

2. Click on the Writing Exercises. Then after viewing a video segment, when prompted, click on the writing exercise associated with the video. You'll either see the writing exercise immediately or be asked to download it.

Write Ex

3. Reading often and from a variety of texts helps immensely in becoming a better writer. Most of the video units (i.e. freewriting, clustering, first draft, etc) have a reading selection related to the video content. Click on the Reading Exercises arrow and select the reading related to the videos you are working on. You will see the reading text pop up automatically or you may have to download it. Read through the information to see how others do it.

Collaboration will be one of the keys to better writing. We will collaborate using both Google Documents and our wiki page. The Google docs video demo can be seen below, on the Home page, and when accessing the videos. We will use the Google Docs site to share writing ideas, to edit and to revise.

Advise: I would suggest creating a unique Google identity apart from your regular Google account or email (if you have one) when collaborating with other writers. Just like you don't give out your cel number, home phone, address and license number on the first day of an on site class, exercising caution online may be even more important, especially when sharing writing information. Native Way Languages strives to protect its users, but just like with Facebook, Craigslist, or Twitter, sometimes other users want to get too friendly too fast. Keep the moderators posted of any problems you may perceive. If you feel someone is becoming too attached or equally important, too critical of your writing, let us know, and we will switch groups for you.

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