Frequently Asked Questions       
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What makes your program better? (Click on any gold bar)

I have over 20 years of experience breaking down difficult writing concepts for American university and international students.  Most universities don't spend the necessary time with the planning and drafting stage of students' writing.  We do.  We have a systems that allows you to plan, write, revise and edit.  We create no illusion that your first draft will be magic. Writing is hard work.  We just give you all the tools to get better little by little.
Why is your program such a bargain?

We'll be honest.  We're just developing the online portion of our program.   We have done everything we can to ensure computer and software compatibility, but there probably will be some glitches as there are even in traditional classrooms (a projector doesn't work or a name isn't on the roster).  Nevertheless, the materials, once delivered, and the collaborative methods, are the key.  You will not be disappointed-- that is where the gold is.  Nowadays,  the internet is at a place where we can simulate an on-site classroom interaction with amazing accuracy. Yet, students, instructors and assistants are all still trying to understand and use these new tools.   As we get better with the technical side, prices will go up.  You benefit with superior materials at a discount price.

Who will I be collaborating with?

Your professor, other students and the assistants.  We use a variety of collaborative techniques to help you become better writers.  It is our hope that you will see the advantage of allowing others to view, critique and help improve your writing.   The writing tools are what will make you a better writer.  Those, and the people viewing your paper.   

Also, remember the writing strengths of your collaborators.  Some advice another beginning writer gives you may be incorrect or an opinion.  Understand that.  Even the suggestions your instructor may give will be viewed by other professors as "bad advice."  The truth is, those of us who evaluate writing (which is discerning another's thinking process) can never agree 100%.  That's the beauty of writing, style-- and, of course, thought.  However, most writing instructors can spot and will critique unclear, unorganized, poorly defined pieces of writing with multiple errors.  We may not make you a best selling great writer, but we definitely can help you get out of that "atrocious" category.

What methods of payment do you take?

We use PayPal which allows you to securely submit payment information using your credit card or PayPal funding. You don't need a PayPal account to use the credit card feature.  We encourage you to use a credit card, so if you are not satisfied, you can receive a full refund. We are confident.  We believe our online writing program will serve your education needs, but pressing that submit button is far more difficult for a mom and pop shop like this than for Amazon or eBay.  We know.  Send us an e-mail if you need more information.

My spelling really affects my writing.  How can you help me?

Luckily, you live in the 21st century and have spelling programs to alleviate the situation. However, let us make something very clear. Good writing has far more to do with your thoughts, your attention to detail, and sentence clarity than it does to spelling.  We have seen poor spellers write exquisite compositions; on the other hand, we have had those with perfect spelling, grammar and punctuation but their ideas were entirely scattered.  Believe us, we would rather have the poor speller because a rule book can solve many of the complex rules, but poor detail and remote thinking, they are far more difficult to aid.
I learned all the rules of grammar, punctuation and spelling, yet I can't express myself clearly. Why?

Each of us has our own thoughts. Our guess is you are over-thinking the writing process. You want to be scholarly or bookish which are wonderful things to be in given contexts; however, and you knew that however was coming, writing at its basic level, must communicate. Somewhere in the writing process, you may have lost that aspect. It happens most to those who have been in academic communities where everyone creates an "academic" or "business" jargon that is agreeable to those in that community.

In such instances, we have found it's best to speak first. When writing, express yourself as though you are talking to a colleague.  You are worrying about being perfect instead of being expressive. In speech, it's nearly impossible to be perfect, we "umm" and "ya know" and "like", so when you write, there's a hope that you will mimic your speech.  When doing so, your writing sounds more natural and conversational.  

You may say, but I need to write academically.  We understand.  Nevertheless, you need to communicate your message on a basic level first.  After, in the revision stage, we can make your paper, article or dissertation "academic," but your most learned colleagues around the world can spot (or we hope they can if they aren't frightened) veiled, poor idea development everywhere. No coloring of language, no proper syntax, no precise subject-verb agreement will ever substitute for clear writing. You will become a better writer here because we believe if you can speak clearly to others, you can write.  That simple.

What computer specifications do I need?

Videos download best with a high-speed connection. We'll be honest, this isn't our strong suit. We're not the Gates' children or Steve Job's personal coder.  We'd take some jab at Google, but we don't know, as of this writing, who to jab. One thing that Google offers, for now, is free use of their collaboration tools.  I'd suggest taking advantage of that. Native Way Languages receives no money for using Google Docs.  They're just free right now- and free stuff like that, keeps your costs down. Beautiful.
What's the age limit to take your course?

Our courses are meant for adults who want to improve their writing. Adult needs are far different from those of the young. Since much of the coursework is a collaborative effort, anyone who is under 18, is probably best served elsewhere.  Adults know adult problems and have the background knowledge to understand other adult concerns.
Why should I trust your method?

First and foremost, we care about you.  Most language schools and for-profit institutions over the last 100 years have tried to get you the least education for the most profit possible. Online learning may change that.  It puts the teachers in control.  We love teaching.  It runs through our blood.  We've seen it work in on-site classes.  The technology is now here where it can work for you-- online.  


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